Electronic media essay in urdu

Use Subject Category Codes to improve your searches. Imagine any part of the world, via net its quite easy to access any part of the world.

It has not only tried to efface the worst out of the world, it seems to sweep away the best from the various cultures of the world. The movie channels on satellite transmission and cable TV Network channels provide movies and dramas with full of glamour, fashion and sex motivating scenes which causes to damage the peaceful life.

His murals are full of activity, ideas, and they read like an unfolding story about their particular theme. It Is the great source of providing entertainment.

September A screenshot of a web page. Where, electronic media is a great source of information, communication and entertainment, it also produces some harmful effects which become responsible to destroy the moral values. The computers to store, transmit, and display the web page are electronic media.

Social Media ki badolat puri dunya aik global village yani aik gaon mein tabdeel ho gayi hai. With the introduction of World Wide Web www the internet also developed into a dynamic force in communication.

Connect to American Poetry American Society of Mechanical Engineers Full text access to a collection of 25 technical journals from theAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers from forward.

This article does not cite any sources. They can also create fairly complex combination searches, and searches can be limited by the poet's gender and whether the poem is rhymed or unrhymed.

Materials in the guide are from ACM and additional publishers, and not all are available via full text. Over 52, poems from more than poets. Quran aur Hadees ki sahring aur aqeeday ki darustgi ka kaam bhi kiya ja sakta hai albata tehqeeq kar ke share karna chahiye.

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Its accomplishments are wonderfully unprecedented to yet in the history. Renaissance of Islamic calligraphy[ edit ] Sadequain was responsible for the renaissance of Islamic calligraphy in Pakistan.

This is in contrast to static media mainly print mediawhich today are most often created electronicallybut do not require electronics to be accessed by the end user in the printed form.

This database also cites art reproductions used to illustrate articles or advertisements. It produces Its direct effect on common people. Full text is available for selected journals starting from What inspires me is a person who has gone hungry for hours and is struggling for survival.

Most new media are in the form of digital media. Sources date from the 13th to the 20th centuries. These verses have been adjudged unique and critically acclaimed by literary elite. His symbols transformed with time as he adapted to the changing conditions.

The young ones are engaged in watching their favorite channel, or surfing the desired web, chatting a newly made unseen friend, or texting to some opposite gender. Introductions and prefaces to the volumes are included, as are all notes and any prose sections.

The ancient cave paintings, hieroglyphs, symbols, maps, and drawings are all the examples of how human being communicated from time to time. Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi (Urdu: سیّد صادِقَین احمد نقوی ‬ ‎), Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, also often referred to as Sadequain Naqqash, was a Pakistani artist, best known for his skills as a calligrapher and a painter.

He is considered as one of the finest painters and calligraphers Pakistan has ever produced. The Basic Role Of Media In Educating People defined here through below given douglasishere.com the twentieth century and onwards the media has got immense popularity in the world no matter whether it is the electronic media, print media or the social media, the people have made themselves highly active on.

Electronic media are media that use electronics or electromechanical audience to access the content. This is in contrast to static media (mainly print media), which today are most often created electronically, but do not require electronics to be accessed by the end user in the printed form.

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Role Of Media In Educating People

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Electronic media essay in urdu
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