Reconstruction after civil war essay

President Andrew Johnson granted pardons to many Confederate leaders. Clearly defining citizenship, it made African Americans part of the body politic, sought to protect them from state interference, and provided for reduced representation for states disfranchising prospective voters.

Let us now take stock of the answers to the questions that we began with. I then ask them to define what those rights should have been.

Reconstruction era

Stanton, his radical secretary of war. The Road to Redemption: Beginning inthey formed a coalition with carpetbaggers one-sixth of the electorate and scalawags one-fifth to gain control of southern state legislatures for the Republican Party.

Further, the Republicans were not ready to totally break the plantation system in the south under the appearance of respecting the right to property.

If your students are like mine, many will propose that Reconstruction should have guaranteed equal rights for all Americans. Consequently, when blacks called for expanded social services such as schools to meet their needs, they were implicitly calling for additional taxes to fund the services.

An important causes of the civil war the sourc. At the same time, that whites looked for a system of labor and the Black Codes to bind blacks to the land, as slavery had, freed people coveted land of their own and struggled to be masters of their own time and labor.

In order to fight against the Black Codes, the federal government set up Freedman's Bureaus to help black people and to set up schools that black children could attend. The majority of white southerners had already demonstrated their reactionary preferences when they voted for former Confederates and supported the Black Codes.

Loopholes existed within these restrictions to favor whites who might have been otherwise ineligible to vote. The president refused to concede defeat. Believing the amendment subversive of the Constitution and of white supremacy, he used his influence to procure its defeat in the Southern states, an effort that succeeded everywhere except in Tennessee, which was readmitted on 24 July In short, the South was effectively brought into a national system of credit and labor as a result of Reconstruction.

If Johnson had been willing to accept it, the struggle over Reconstruction might have ended. In this new economy, the most important source of credit was the local store where agricultural supplies and food were purchased. To resolve the election, the parties concerned reached a political bargain.

At first they were welcomed, as southerners saw the need for northern capital and investment to get the devastated region back on its feet. Rejoining the Union New governments were formed in the South starting in The Codes explicitly denied blacks the right to vote, limited their freedom of movement, and criminalized behavior.

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The Civil War was the turning point in the US history, while the Reconstruction era has completed the achievements of the Civil War and changes launched by the war/5(10). Reconstruction After the Civil War Reconstruction After the Civil War Reconstruction After the Civil War Reconstruction After the Civil War.

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The period after the Civil War was known as the Reconstruction period. The purpose of the Reconstruction period was to redress the inequalities of slavery.

This period was known as putting back the pieces period. The twelve years following the Civil War carried vast consequences for the nation's future. Reconstruction helped set the pattern for future race relations and defined the federal government's role in promoting racial equality.

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The opposing views of reconstruction after the Civil War Essay Sample

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African‐Americans after Reconstruction

As a result, it united and granted them freedom to enjoy life.

Reconstruction after civil war essay
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Reconstruction Of The South After Civil War