Write an essay on criminalisation of politics in india

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He meant that the members of the administrative class will have no private property and family. But whoever transgresses after that will have a painful punishment. The criminalisation of Indian politics and consequent cult of gun has created great threat to the life of the common people.

But if anybody objects to the corrupt practice he is either penalised or deprived of his due. He is currently in prison facing trial in 35 criminal cases including several cases of murder.

Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India India, the largest democratic country and also home to the fair and regular elections.

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There is a close alliance between the two and this has led to the worst type of criminalisation of politics. Political parties tap criminals for funds and in return provide them with political patronage and protection. All right minded citizens should put their heads to find out ways and means of saving Indian democracy from the menace.

There can also be no doubt that unless there are efficient investigations resulting in the collection of credible evidence such a situation means collapse of criminal justice and this results in scale of the chaos and anarchy.

How the outside influences or openness of environment are regulating the manner of people is to be ascertained. Causes of Criminalisation of Politics: Not to vote for the criminals. Such an agency is furnished by the Courts. In India there is a system of private property.

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Elections are won not by right but by might. Their requirements are the same. The consequence is that when anti-social elements get in trouble with law enforcement agencies. Marsilio Editori, VenedigSeiten. Democracy needs restraint and a willingness to abide by a code of self-discipline. The following figures show the miserable condition of criminalisation of politics in India.

The two NGOs have collected information. They are Association for Democratic Rights.

Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments

The radical cause of increasing criminalisation of politics is nexus of muscle power, money power and politics. Criminalisation of politics is actually a mysterious enigma.

The statutory limit is- Rs 15 lakhs for a Lok Sabha seat (depending on the constituency and the number of voters), Rs 3 to 6 lakhs for state legislatures (depending on the area), and Rs 75, for municipal corporations.

Criminalisation of politics has become an issue of grave concern among the Indian intelligentsia. And though the top leaders of all political parties agree that those with criminal record should be debarred from contesting elections, the number of such people is only increasing.

Criminalisation of Politics “As per election Commission estimates 1, candidates in the Parliamentary election had criminal records and 40 of them got elected to the 11 th Lok Sabha. In the State Legislatures, the picture is even more distressing. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Article on Criminalisation of Politics in India. Article shared by. Politics is an essential part of every one’s life directly or indirectly. Poliitics must effect the life of everyone.

Short Essay on Criminalisation of Politics in India ; Essay on the Public Distribution System of Food In India.

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Criminalization of Indian Politics – Essay Write an essay on criminalisation of politics in india
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Criminalization of Politics: Nature, Causes and Recent Developments